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Wealth Solutions

Align with us to create your custom wealth blueprint.

  • Financial Strategy

  • Income Protection

  • Emergency Savings

  • Retirement Planning

  • Wealth Management

  • Business/Marketing

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Health Solutions

Align with us to create your custom health blueprint.

  • Nutrition Education

  • Fitness Training

  • Life Coaching

  • Mental Wellness

  • Beauty Consulting

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"In 2019 my significant other and I parted ways, leaving me to pick up the pieces. During this transition, I sifted through my finances and it became apparent that although I worked two jobs, I had nothing to show for it and I was in debt. After my initial shock, thankfully, Amber entered my life. I must admit that I was a little hesitant at first, but the gravity of my situation left me with no choice but to act. Not only did Amber take the time to review all my finances, but she organized my expenses, tailored an action plan for me and coached and held me accountable along the way. Now in 2020, I am debt free with a new perspective on life, a newfound desire to be more financially literate and a feeling of empowerment. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Shero Amber!"

-Taz Smith



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Founder's Vision

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Everyday WHealth Solutions To Rise

Rising from humble beginnings, founder Amber Deegan is the SHERO of her life. She’s an accomplished business woman of faith, with a track record of success alongside Fortune companies in the technology, healthcare, automotive and financial sectors.

Her unique understanding and perspective of the world and people, derives from her resilient pursuit of purpose and meaning. Amber is most passionate about matters of personal health, financial literacy and wealth creation, which she believes are the foundational roots for cultivating a life of freedom and independence.

She founded Everyday Sheros in 2010 and has devoted her life to being an ally who customizes financial and health, or as she coined it “WHealth” solutions, to equip families with a holistic blueprint to establish a legacy of generational blessings.

"Future generations will reap fruit and shade from the seeds we sow today."
-Amber Deegan

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